Helping Build Food Allergy Awareness

Close to thirteen years ago, we found out my oldest son had anaphylactic food allergies. In naivety,  when meeting a mom with a child with food allergies, I  brushed it off as a worried parenting thing, food allergies could not be "that" severe.  When my son first showed indications of food allergies my heart sunk … Continue reading Helping Build Food Allergy Awareness


Mom, I Really Want to Go

Close to thirteen years ago we found out that our first and now oldest son had (has) food allergies. Ashamed to admit, before knowing that William had food allergies, I really did not think much of "food allergies."  My mom worked with a  friend whose son had food allergies and she was always so concerned.  … Continue reading Mom, I Really Want to Go

365 Day Food Challenge: July 1st (Day 80)

It's been awhile since I have posted about my food challenge. I am still committed and have been consistent. Eating only the things that William is able to eat that won't cause agitation to his food allergies. Everything has been pretty consistent--regular routine of eating-nothing too our of the ordinary-- family and I hit … Continue reading 365 Day Food Challenge: July 1st (Day 80)