The Magic of the Game

Home plate, the field, there is something special about the dirt on the baseball field.  It's like a time machine to the past spirits of the greats.  It has been said baseball is a religion--it could just be true.  Squatting down next to home plate on the Kelvyn Park baseball field in Chicago, IL, as a … Continue reading The Magic of the Game


That One More Day

My family and I have the benefit of flying with flight benefits, allowing us to travel standby. When flights are open--with a lot of seats--it's super!  When they are not--it's a bit stressful, especially when a family of six is hoping to travel together.  My husband and I were attempting to get back on the … Continue reading That One More Day

365 Day Food Challenge: July 1st (Day 80)

It's been awhile since I have posted about my food challenge. I am still committed and have been consistent. Eating only the things that William is able to eat that won't cause agitation to his food allergies. Everything has been pretty consistent--regular routine of eating-nothing too our of the ordinary-- family and I hit … Continue reading 365 Day Food Challenge: July 1st (Day 80)