365 Day Food Challenge: July 1st (Day 80)

It's been awhile since I have posted about my food challenge. I am still committed and have been consistent. Eating only the things that William is able to eat that won't cause agitation to his food allergies. Everything has been pretty consistent--regular routine of eating-nothing too our of the ordinary-- Until...my family and I hit … Continue reading 365 Day Food Challenge: July 1st (Day 80)


Today’s Lesson: Sleep on It

Sitting working on a math problem, oh it wouldn't come to me!  When I was younger, I would keep pressuring myself to get it.  Then one day, I realized (I believe it was in high school) through much frustration when I couldn't get something solved,  I went to sleep.  I looked at the same problem … Continue reading Today’s Lesson: Sleep on It