Key Benefits of a Children’s Entrepreneur Market

“Toddlerhood and early childhood are key developmental periods for ingraining the entrepreneurial spirit.”

-Raising Can-Do Kids (Richard Rende, PhD and Jen Prosek)

Let them create, let them be free.  What to do in the summertime.  Thinking of activities to do with kids can be a lot work and draining for parents.  A couple or years ago, when our kids were a little younger, a friend and myself began thinking, well, let’s have them create.  She put together a Lego party idea and we said, “do you best!” and guided them along the way. They came back with some of the most creative creations and displayed them for any who wanted to see.  Best thing is that they took the time to think and put these creations together and they loved it.  Fast forward a few years.  Thinking, wouldn’t it be great if they could learn to earn from their thinking.  Research began and I came across a children’s entrepreneur market.  Recently my children participated in their first children’s entrepreneur market, along with a couple of other friends.  Overall the experience was a positive one and we will participate in another one.  Along the way there were learning experiences too!

  1. Regarding my own children, I learned of their different business personalities and how they can use their strengths and work on bringing the good to better.
  2. Expect the unexpected–Unexpectedly, the children’s entrepreneur market was on the grounds of a carnival.  It was a distraction as set-up began–turning the unexpected into a positive–the extra attendants and foot traffic was an opportunity.
  3. There are many kids with  creative, inspiring and great personalities!
  4. A lot of hard work goes into getting things prepared.  There were some kids loving it, there was disappointment on faces, there was gratitude, there were different ideas on how to get products sold.
  5. Work is part of life and if you can find what you love and earn an income, even better!




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