365 Day Food Challenge: July 1st (Day 80)

Downtown Chicago–Having a Chicago Dog

It’s been awhile since I have posted about my food challenge. I am still committed and have been consistent. Eating only the things that William is able to eat that won’t cause agitation to his food allergies.

Everything has been pretty consistent–regular routine of eating-nothing too our of the ordinary–

Until…my family and I hit our pretty consistent annual visit to Chicago…my home town and a place where I love food. I am not a foodie and most of the time I can eat pretty bland–though when I come to Chicago–I love the pizza, Mexican food and all the other treats that I usually don’t get in Salt Lake City.

1st Challenge–we head up to a family get away in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Summertime I spent many of my teenage summers on Lily Lake. One of the summertime funs was the food we had.  We headed up and lunch time happened.  Not a big deal…until… Bread, I love bread–one of my indulgences.  Fresh bread for sandwiches—I controlled my urge to have it and ate what I knew I could.

2nd Challenge–same day–headed back to my cousin’s house for–Chinese food. I could do without that–I had mentally prepared myself…restaurant closed and they brought in pizza. It smelled so good!  My eyes and mouth started watering because I wanted to eat it–I had to sit in a different location so I could control the want of the food.  Pizza is one of my greatest indulgences when in Chicago.

Lesson Learned from William’s perspective–I can only imagine how hard it is–not to want to eat something that smells so good and to want to try it.  The willpower that he must have to walk away from food that can harm his body yet engage in the social aspect that surrounds food.  And, be happy and optimistic.

3rd Challenge-Spending the afternoon Downtown Chicago–we visited a hot dog establishment.  The hot dog was good!  Just a bit different without that bread.  I should’ve added all the toppings–that I could have.  Next time!

*Previously I had been writing about my Food Challenge at http://www.365dayfoodchallenge.com…I’ll be writing here from now on!*


4 thoughts on “365 Day Food Challenge: July 1st (Day 80)

    1. True! Each city has their specialty!! I must say Pizza is pretty good in Chicago too–though, I have never been to New York to try their pizza. Perhaps one day, sometime.

      The whole 30 thing? I am not sure what that is?

      1. Got it! I hadn’t heard of it until you mentioned it. Though, the 365 day food challenge I’m doing for the most part is clean eating. 😉
        The Whole30 sounds like a good challenge too though! All clean foods is a great way to eat and it’s something I might give a shot to in the near future. I’ll let you know if I try it.

        Thanks for your comments!!

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