A Speck of Hope


How do we manage to get through all the yucks of life–challenges, downfalls, disappointment, lack of time, hardships?  My friend and I, in casual conversation, discussing the many things we as mothers, women, parents, people often find ourselves in the middle of–family concerns, financial concerns, career and aging concerns, health concerns and so many more concerns–there is often a question of what encourages us each day to continue, to keep trying.

Many times as the world crashes against our physical and emotional walls, the light of life and all good seems to begin to fade or diminish.  The positive, excitement, energy and the creativity seem hard to grasp and engage.  And, even hard to want to grasp and engage. Until, that something sparks–until that something comes along.  That slight sparkle, shine, glimmer in all the dirt, heaviness and muck–unburied, rediscovered, noticed–hope.  Hope is not a gigantic earth shattering phenomenon (well, in a way it is) that rings the doorbell, shows up on the front porch packaged in a radiant, elegant box or package.  It is the slight shimmer in all the muck of life that allows for the desire to progress and meet the next second, minute, day.  It is the slight motivation, I can do this, I can conquer, I can succeed through the thickness of life.  Hope is a feeling that can be found in physical material and transformed with its energy into the soul.  Inspiring words, acts of kindness among each other, engaging in good causes.  Hope gives reason when reason no longer exists.  Hope gives power through tears, courage through trials, faith through challenges.  Hope encourages the path to success (no matter how big, no matter how small), love and kindness.

A speck of hope, in all of our living as people–helps us to continue in the most challenging of times.  This speck of hope is the beauty of life after the storm,  a most awful day, days, weeks or season. Hope, an unimaginable sparkle that continues to exist through the heaviness of life and darkest of moments radiating a quiet cheer of keep an eye out for the speck.


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