Mom, What is the Purpose of Life?

Funny thing or coincidental thing, this morning as I parked, getting ready to head into the store this Saturday morning for a quick grocery shop, a thought passed through my mind.  One of those that sparks, you think about it for a moment and then go on with your day.  The thought:  Life can be so perplexing and yet we exist–happy, sad, miserable, challenged, struggled, sick, healthy, successful and with failure.  The list can go on and on.
dscn0375“Mom, Mom can I go to 7-11?:  “Sure William, just have one of your friends walk with you.”  William, super persistent, “money burning a hole in his pocket” wanted to go but couldn’t find anyone to go with him.  “Will you take me?”  After a while, the moment presented itself and we headed to 7-11 in the car.   Casual ride.  William ran in, got what he wanted and hopped back into the car.  “Mom, what’s the purpose of life?”  In the middle of my text, caught off-guard.  An unexpected moment.  Texting, thinking at the same time to myself, well how deep do I get with my almost 11-year-old?  I finished my text, gathering my thoughts.  Kids, they can be so very unpredictable.  One moment they talk about ice cream and the next they are asking what is the purpose of life.  Heading to get gas, we talked about the purpose of life and what it meant to me–and what it means to him.  We talked about life and challenges, hope and joy.  We talked about the strength of people and the realization that we get through our lives with the help of a higher being–who he and I refer to as Heavenly Father.  We talked about faith and how people can be magnificent yet can also use their agency and make some pretty bad choices.  We talked about how helping, being kind and encouraging others is very important.  We arrived home his question answered.  Grape Crush, Sour Skittles in his hands and the flame extinguished in his pocket.  Back to play.

“Will you take me?”  Yes, I am so glad that I was able to take William to 7-11.  I am also grateful that I was able to complete the passing thought of my morning with the questions and answer from “Mom, What is the Purpose of Life?”


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