Stretch the Commitment: One Week to a Way of Life

Post baby weight loss is always a challenge for me.  Amazingly in nine month I am able to gain 70+ pounds.  The first few pounds after birth–the birthing pounds–are a cinch to lose.  Baby born, lose about 7 lbs.  Though, after that first seven pounds things can get a little tricky and the more kids, an increase in tricky hurdles manage to set themselves up in an already turbulent path of mommyhood and parenthood.  In any case…a thought came to me regarding the amount of work that needs to be submitted before any results take place (in weight loss, in anything) and the more flip-flopping, lack of commitment, delays, bumps, etc. that are hit the slower the progress or potential loss of interest in the slow progress (turtle pace slow).  A great nutrition and exercise plan in place for one week, see some results and think wow, I had some results and back off of the commitment and let bad habits creep back in.  The next week, I notice, hmmm, well my jeans were looser the week before and then realize it really is consistency and sticking with the hard work that makes a difference.  The realization, the more I stick and commit to something the better results. Down goes my guard, results are not as great, if any at all.  It is easy to say, I tried and I did great for a certain amount of time, there was progress and it does count for something. Though, the counting really makes a difference when the commitment is long term and the results are steady with some huge achievements (drop 10 lbs, fit into smaller jeans, increase running speed on treadmill, etc.) in between.  The end result, this concept can be applied to all areas of life: weight loss, relationships, work, etc.  How do you feel about this idea?


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