How “To Be Continued…” Saved a Life

downloadIt is a rare occasion when we know exactly what someone is going through.  This past Sunday, I sat and listened to woman share an experience she had with a co-worker years prior.  “It was Christmas time.” She started.  They had an opportunity for secret Santa’s and they were to make little simple gifts to be shared.  The woman telling the story explained she had found out that a  co-worker of hers would not be receiving a secret Santa because this particular co-worker’s secret Santa would  be out-of-town at that time.  So, this woman felt inspired to go ahead and take on two secret Santa’s and so she did.  She decided to make a simple reindeer out of ice cream spoons, one reindeer created.  She wrote a simple a note, at the end she concluded “To Be Continued…” The next day, the secret Santa built a companion for this reindeer and ended the note again “To Be Continued…”  And, again, she created another reindeer (a baby) and concluded now the first reindeer is not lonely and has a family.  The recipient of the secret Santa found out who her secret Santa was and expressed a heartfelt confession.  That day the recipient received her first reindeer she had planned on not coming to work.  Instead, she felt her life was worthless. She had decided she was going to take her life, she was going to drive off a cliff.  That same day that first reindeer showed up on her desk, she felt a strong feeling to go to work.  She felt for some reason she needed to go.  She did, postponing the end of her life.  The recipient expressed to the secret Santa, the reason she continued to live was to see what the outcome of the “To Be Continued…” would be.  The secret Santa through inspiration saved this recipient’s life because she was inspired to become a secret Santa to the recipient.  In life we never know how an inspiration may affect another person’s life.


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