Adam Rosales Utility Player for Texas Rangers Visits Utah Elementary School

Take me out to the ball game, part of the American past time of baseball and the part of the game kids look forward to.  Watching a baseball game on TV is a treat, being at a game like a day at Disneyland, meeting a professional baseball player face to face for many kids a dream come true.  Adam Rosales, utility player for the Texas Rangers recently visited Alta View Elementary in Sandy, Utah as a guest speaker for Mrs. Newton and Mrs. Jensen’s third grade class. As he visited with the third grade class he highlighted a few points of his life and career, beginning with play in low A ball progressing through the ranks to hit his major league success of playing major league ball for the Cincinnati Reds.  He shared his trade experience from the Reds to the Oakland A’s and then to the Texas Rangers.  Rosales then opened the classroom to questions.   “How long have you played baseball,” “Is there cheating in baseball,” “Have you played at Yankee Stadium,”  “Have you met Derek Jeter,” “What was your favorite game,”  were among the questions that came from the students. Rosales answered all questions as well as working in some school concepts like math and map travels around the United States and the World.  He shared a message of uniqueness and talent expressing to the students, “It takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice to be unique.”  He also encouraged the students to include physical fitness and health in their lives, “Physically fit means being physically active and practicing a healthy diet.”  Rosales also worked in the importance of working hard even in the off-season.  Kids, yes that means keeping up on learning even during the summer.  Adam brought it in by signing his autograph for Mrs. Newton and Mrs. Jensen’s classroom of fans, concluding that “Your parents and teachers always have your best interest in mind.”


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