A Famous Kid Saying: “It’s Not Fair!”

A famous saying among kids (mine especially) “It’s Not Fair!” The phrase usually combined with some sort of scary face that tends to touch every nerve in my body.  Thinking to myself, do I just say it, lay it all on the line “Life is not fair!”  No sugar-coating.  In the heat of the moment, without knowing what to say, I have just laid it all out for them, life is not going to be fair.  Ever.  Even when you are mommy and daddy’s age, things just don’t always add up.  As this famous kid saying kept popping up, I thought to myself, there has to be a better explanation to letting them know that “life is not fair.”  Then, I ran across this quote: “Fair does not mean equal.” Aha! It finally made sense.  Perhaps I have been living under a rock but I never thought of it this way.  There is no way that everything is going to turn out equal.  Unfortunately and fortunately for different reasons, it can’t.  Or, if it does it would take a lot of record keeping.  Though, for me and for my family this fair is not equal business makes sense.  We are fair in our home although that fairness at times is not going to be split to match.


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