Digging, Foundation & Building: A Town of Accomplishments


Today I was reminded of foundations and digging to get to a good place to build a home.  My sister and her husband are building a home and she used an analogy between how the foundation of a house is built to the foundation of how the experiences of life are built.  As she spoke she described how before a foundation is set, there is a lot of digging and sifting that goes on.  Once a good spot has been prepared, the foundation is poured. Once the foundation is poured, the building begins.  It reminded me that in our lives we have many opportunities for building foundations and many times we have to dig through the dirt first.  We need to build steady ground for that foundation.

Digging: meeting challenges, battling weakness or accepting change for growth.

Foundation:  the goal that is intended and the start of the goal after sifting through all the challenges, changes or weaknesses.  The “I can do this” or “I want to do this!”

Building: all the rewards that can be seen from the strong foundation.

The digging, foundation and building often is repeated in life as changes occur: childhood through the stages that lead to the adult years, moving away from home for the first time, attending college, first job, marriage, parenthood, having children and it continues.  Often times in life it is easy not to see the progress or the growth that has happened as time passes.  Though, if we step back and take a look at all the digging, foundation laying and building accomplished in our lives we will see that we each have created our own town of accomplishments.  We are all rich in real estate.


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