A Continual Prayer

William and Isabella had a dentist appointment today. On our way home, William, my son who is in second grade said, “Mom, today at school they told us that Macie died.”  My heart broke.  I could tell in my son’s voice that he was very sad.  I had a hard time finding the words to console him.  She is the same age as him.   I asked him if he knew Macie, he said he didn’t know her that well but would say hi to her.  We talked about her a little bit.  I am not sure all that he was thinking. For me, I wanted to cry and say that it is so unfair, the loss of a child.  My heart goes out to all those parents who have lost a child.  I could not imagine what it feels like.  I pray for your comfort in this time of grief, loss and sadness.  I have heard of many families loosing their children and each time my heart aches for them. In my heart I hold a continual prayer for your strength during the loss of each of your children.  My deepest sympathy and condolences for Macie’s family.


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