The 19th Floor and Elevator Buttons

The 19th floor, that is where we were headed.  Before we got there we had to take the elevator. Patiently we waited for the elevator to reach the ground floor.  It took so long!  Finally, it made it.  We were waiting with Uncle Javier, seven of us (or a number close to that).  Kids that is.  Uncle Javier was always patient with us and pretty tolerant.  We hopped into the elevator, set for our destination, Grandma’s apartment.  Six excited kids and one who, well, let’s say always added a little adventure.  We, the kids loved it–the adventurous one!  Uncle Javier could have done without the adventure.  “Okay, press the button,”  Ready to press the button, Jason saw the whole panel of them! He ran his hands up and down both columns!  The elevator button panel was lit up like a Christmas tree!  Uncle Javier, was less than impressed.  “Jason, why did you do that?!?”  We stopped at every floor, the elevator door opening and closing at every stop.  Finally!  We made it to our destination! Happy kids,  nerve wracked Uncle.


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