Spinning Capsule

Yesterday I was having a conversation with a couple of friends and as a passing thought mentioned was how amazing it is that time passes no matter what stage of life or routine in life you are encountering.  I know, not categorized as ground breaking news, though to me it was profound. Where I am at in my life, married, three kids and have challenges like everyone else, I feel like I have entered a time warp. In regards to challenges, everyone’s are different and I will not minimize the size any challenge is to any one person at any point in time.  Whether married, widowed, single, divorced, time does pass and we get up and look in the mirror each morning, with little idea of the things we will face (beside our regular routine).  With this passing thought, I started reflecting on my own passage of time and the different stages I have encountered in life.  This time of my life, my twenties to mid thirties has passed so quickly.  I feel like I am in a spinning capsule. Some days it’s felt more than others.  And, I wonder if it is responsibility that is spinning my wheels?  Or is it just being caught up in the routine and sifting through those routine challenges and sometimes unexpected challenges? Even though time passes and will continue to do so,  everyday, I get up, usually look in the mirror and into my own eyes and own soul and appreciate  the strength I have had to encounter  the challenges I have faced (routine and unexpected) and the strength to endure.  I am grateful for my body and all the changes it has carried me through.  And, I am grateful for my mind in allowing me to see that there is strength, growth and learning experiences in challenges.


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