Helping Build Food Allergy Awareness

Close to thirteen years ago, we found out my oldest son had anaphylactic food allergies. In naivety,  when meeting a mom with a child with food allergies, I  brushed it off as a worried parenting thing, food allergies could not be "that" severe.  When my son first showed indications of food allergies my heart sunk … Continue reading Helping Build Food Allergy Awareness


Key Benefits of a Children’s Entrepreneur Market

"Toddlerhood and early childhood are key developmental periods for ingraining the entrepreneurial spirit." -Raising Can-Do Kids (Richard Rende, PhD and Jen Prosek) Let them create, let them be free.  What to do in the summertime.  Thinking of activities to do with kids can be a lot work and draining for parents.  A couple or years … Continue reading Key Benefits of a Children’s Entrepreneur Market